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A true bungalow-era bathroom: the three porcelain fixtures tightly grouped, with linen drawers built into a wall, a hex-tile floor, and freestanding furniture. (Photo: Steve Gross & Susan Daley)

(Photo: Steve Gross & Susan Daley)

After the kitchen, the bathroom wins the award for the most-remodeled room in an old house. Today's trend toward ever more luxurious spaces can result in bathrooms that are out of sync with the rest of the house, but it's not hard to bring back period style. The following articles offer dozens of tried-and-true suggestions for designing a bath that fits with your house—even if it was built before the days of indoor plumbing! And if you're lucky enough to still retain original tile or fixtures in your bathrooms, you'll also find advice here for keeping them in good shape for many more decades.