Architectual Products by Outwater – Iron Balusters & Fittings

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Outwater, a leading manufacturer of professional grade products for classic homes, recommitted to keeping your living space time capsuled with powder coated wrought iron series railing (

Beautifully decorated and functional, Outwater’s wrought iron balusters recapture the detail that was painstakingly built into original balusters through laborious effort. The new balusters are as equally well made as the original designs after which they have been sculpted, perfectly complementing turn of the century rustic and classic old homes.


Outwater offers over 60 types of Balusters available in powder coated wrought iron. Outwater’s Architectural Products are ideal for achieving that complete look, connecting your stairs with balusters, shoes, newels, and rails; providing stair security while giving the sense of opulence, making the rustic home’s stairs really stand out.


Available in Classic and Regal collection, the balusters mesh really well with any decor.’s powder coated balusters are available in Satin Black, Antique Nickel, Copper Vain, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Oil Rubbed Copper and decorated with knuckles, scrolls, baskets, and twists, giving the products unique personality and feel. Comprising numerous ½ to 9/16 inch diameter and 44 inches high Balusters, 1 inch to 1-13/16 diameter x 47 inch New Posts, Outwater’s Powder Coated Wrought Iron Elements are available in round and square plain formats along with a vast assortment of smooth, hand forged, edge or heavily hammered and ribbon twisted designs.


The Classic Collection is readily available in stock, features ½ inch x 44 inches H Square Plain Bar Twist, ½ inch x 44 inches H Square Plain Bar Balusters, ½ inch x 44 inches Square Plain Bar, & 9/16 inch x 44 inches H Round Hand Forged Balusters which offer simple yet elegant design for those interested in keeping their staircase decorated but not overly formal. This makes the Classic Collection ideal for separating your living space, easily match Metal or Wood Newel Posts.


The Regal Collection comes with round smooth balusters, square plain balusters, square hammered fleur de lis design balusters, square hand forged balusters, square plain bar ribbon twist balusters, square plain bar balusters and round hand forged balusters.


With the 2 collections and their accessories achieving a period correct look for your home stairs is easier than ever. With an easy professional install with wood rails being accomplished with 7 steps, this project requires no welding and is ideal for gaining that Rustic Old House feel that has largely disappeared from today’s homes. The Powder Coated Wrought Iron Balusters & fitting in unison, help preserve the picturesque look that is so highly sought by many home owners.

From securing your split-level staircase, accentuating your spiral staircase, to accessorizing your grand staircase there is no better solution than Outwater’s Wrought Iron Railings and Fittings for your home. With so many choices customizing your home has never been easier. Additionally, Outwater also offers unfinished and ready to stain Red Oak turned and box Newel Posts in a variety of styles to compliment your railing systems. Wrought Iron Elements and Red Oak Newel Posts can be used in renovations or new construction alike.