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Outwater’s Murphy Bed Hardware is the practical and durable space saving solution for multipurposed living spaces. Being cleverly engineered to effortlessly vanish, Outwater’s Murphy Bedframes seamlessly disappear, when in upright position. With your Wall Bed Kit by Outwater additional furniture and spending in eliminated with single easy-to-use fitting.

Aptly fitting into the narrowest of spaces, your bed disappears out of sight, when not in use, with hassle-free Fingertip Control, showcasing versatility of vertical and horizontal kits. Ease of operation is made feasible with the heavy duty gas pistons and springs, assuring smooth operation regardless of kit chosen. Rightly, the 5 different kits are available in an array of sizes for your sleeping arrangements (Twin, Full, Queen and King). Being durably constructed out of steel, murphy beds accommodate real mattresses up to 10” thick. Succinctly, every kits locking system, assures smooth operations while the automatic self-extended legs with protective caps protect your floors or carpets from scrapes and snags.

The Alpha Panel Bed Hardware kit is designed for every day, heavy use and easily mounts to vertical side of the cabinet walls, requiring only 1” of cabinet width on each side for truly compact installation. Alpha is made for all sizes of mattresses for ultimate comfort and has a spring balance lift mechanism for easy storage and Trip-Free Foldaway Legs for ultimate navigability around your bed.

Next Bed Hardware Kit has the smallest footprint of any Wallbed, less than 16 inches with a standard mattress. It comes with Steel Spring Covers for safe and finished appearance and is considered the best balanced Wallbed in the industry.

The Library Bed Kits provide book storage/shelve installation components. Library Bed Pivoting Bookcase Hardware kit comes with Brass Bushing to support the weight of bookcases that swing apart, converting your bedroom into an office and vice versa.

With the Library Bed Sliding Bookcase Hardware kit the bookcase slides apart to expose the bed and comes with 4 wheel nylon Carriers that support up to 300 lb each and 2 piece aluminum track butts in center so the Nylon Carriers Never Cross Seam. Wonderfully compact due to its sliding design, this kit is great for smaller homes.

The Studio Kit provides writing surface and works wonderfully in teen bed rooms as well as with small home offices. With surfaces as wide as your bed there is plenty of room for textbooks and laptops.

Further customization options for finishes, mattresses, bookcases and such readily available through your contractors and mattress stores making Outwater’s Murphy Bed Kits are the right sleep solution for your classic home.