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Wooden Corbels and Appliques by Outwater are ideal for customizing Classic Home decor. Triple Sanded and a favorite among architects and home builder alike, the Royal Wood Collection varies in styles and sizes. The Corbels are elementary to install with keyhole hangers already build in for your convenience, requiring only varnish and stain to customize for long-lasting and visually stunning results.

Being made from durable North American Hardwood like Hard Maple, Red Oak, Cherry and Alder assures structural stability. All designs from the collection possess natural warmth and individuality that is characteristic of wood; making corbels quintessential in decorative use and utilitarian, providing support for shelves, counters, etc.


The Appliques and Rosettes from Outwater are superb for effortless finishing touches on furniture and around your house and cabinetry and can be attached with a single nail. Bringing depth to otherwise flat surfaces with pieces made only out of the North American Hardwood’s with deep relief, the complete collection boasts not only Rosettes and Appliques, but also: Capitals, Decos, Cartouches, Scrolls, and Filler Moldings.


For those looking for more customized adornments, Outwater’s Custom Carved Program is surely the right solution. By providing Outwater’s Master Artisans with a detailed rendering of the intended design they will fabricate a custom sample that will be shipped directly to you. Upon your approval replicas will be made in your choice of wood in your desired quantity. The custom wood carvings are exquisite in quality and craftsmanship and comparable to the most expensive carvings sold anywhere.