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Reclaimed wood and old wood beams have taken the world of fashionable home decor and design by storm, popping up in classic homes and rustic homes in cities and countryside alike. The look of old wood beams is almost unmatched by almost anything else engineered for home use. Repurposed wood and Reused wood have the benefit of low environmental impact. Nevertheless there are downsides that include unwanted pests, toxins (from previous use), physical risks (nails and screws left inside the wood) and often astronomical cost, exceeding $2,000 for a single beam, that often go with the territory. For new wood, deforestation attributing to scarcity of many wood types has led to strict guidelines that limit its use and coax up its price. Fortunately there is a light at the end of the tunnel, herein the Outwater’s Faux Beam.

With Faux beams by Outwater the sky is the limit to what can be accomplished at only a fraction of the cost of real wood with beams starting price under 100 bucks for 13 foot length. Being fashioned from molds of original, hard to find beams from turn of the century, Outwater has produced wonderfully uniform products that are superbly durable. These are available in finished and unfinished styles for the rustic, vintage or contemporary looks and are incredibly light, making for effortless installation with minimal shipping costs for the products.

Outwater’s Faux beams come in a variety of different styles including: Modern Beam, Vintage beams, Contemporary Beam, Old World, Tahoe Beam, Classic Raise Grain, Mesa Beam, Milled Style, New World, Rough Sawn, and Vintage Box. All of these can be easily matched with wood Corbels (wood shelf brackets) and durable Polyurethane U-Brackets that make installation a breeze to any surface. Unlike natural wood which can split from temperature flux, moisture, pests, and installation Faux Beams are virtually immune to all of the aforementioned.

The Durability of Faux Beams makes them the ideal complement to give your old house the desired look. Generally requiring much less drilling, sanding and repetitive staining with no splintering, discoloration, or weatherproofing necessary gives Indoor and Outdoor versatility to the faux beams making them ideal for every room in the house.

Available unfinished, in variety of lengths and width which are indistinguishable from the real wood after which they have been patterned and a finish is applied, the color choices that can be accomplished with a gel stain are as beautiful as the look of real wood without the hassle of multiple applications for the desired effect with sharp details, correct dimensions and uniform quality. For those looking for ready to use beams, they are available in vintage or raised grain style and in coffee, walnut, espresso, fall leaf, honey, mahogany, weathered and unfinished finishes.