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Fiberglass Columns by Outwater are an ideal component for those looking to add an Heirloom feel to any home. Phenomenal for indoor and outdoor use, Outwater’s Columns provide support for your Roofs, Second Floors and Balconies.

Requiring only a coating of Oil-Based or Acrylic Latex paint for Outdoor longevity, spun cast Plain or Fluted fiberglass columns are optimal for in-home and outdoor use. Outwater’s Fiberglass Columns are architecturally correct, will not split, rot or deteriorate in heavy weathering. They are also resistant to impact damage, are termite proof, fire resistant, and above all beautiful.

Customizing your Classic Home decor is virtually effortless with Fiberglass columns available in Round Tapered, Plain & Fluted, Round Non Tapered, Square, Bungalow Style, Square Recessed Panel, Massive Round Tapered styles. Available in sizes starting at a mere 6” and going up in increments of 2” with certain column styles exceeding a foot diameter, Outwater’s Columns are pragmatic with load bearing capacities between 8 and 18 thousand pounds.

Astonishingly, the columns themselves are hollow, weighing significantly less than their stone counterparts, making them easy for contractors to install to beautify existing homes. Long-lasting and visually stunning results of the columns are easily accentuated by Tuscan Cap and Base. Made from engineered resin, they come standard with your choice of Column.

Additional options in caps are conveniently available for those looking for more intricate designs. Temple of Winds, Roman Corinthian, Greek Erecthium, Roman Iconic, and Scamozzi Style Caps are reminiscent of Parthenon or Coliseum providing an opulent feel to any home.

Made to match any style, a combination of Marble with Fiberglass, Outwater’s Caststone collection in Ivory, Sand or Slate requires no priming or painting and has the same load-bearing capacity as the standard fiberglass columns. Colored with UV inhibitor, your columns require no touchups and will not fade overtime. Non-porous design of the columns insures duration in moist conditions while its composition assures fire resistance.

For customer convenience Outwater stocks most styles reducing lead time. Exquisitely made columns are the contemporary cost effective solution for support and facade, matching any home style with ease.