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Kitchen Island Legs by Outwater are the ideal finishing touch for many rustic style kitchens. Indicative of Roman and Greek columns, Outwater’s Kitchen Island legs are the mini versions of those support structures for in-house use. These cornerstone architectural elements are ornamental and utilitarian, dually harmonizing your counter space and furniture while providing weight distributing support.

Made out of North American hardwoods like Hard Maple, Red Oak or Cherry; Outwater’s Kitchen Island Legs easily match with wooden cabinetry, ameliorating the overall appearance of your kitchen. Style coordination is effortless with legs available in: Half Round, Acanthus Leaf, Grape, Herringbone, Open Weave, Column, Rope, Fluted French, Full Round, Mission Weave, and Mission Plain patterns.

Intricately or ordinarily detailed columns are available in 5”, 3-3/4” or 2-3/4” sizes. These can be placed towards the edges of your overhanging counters for support. Moreover, half columns, quarter columns, and corner posts in the same patterns can be added closer to your cabinets for a finished look that will accentuate your counters.

Easy to install, with no sanding necessary, Outwater’s kitchen island legs come ready to finish. Succinctly Paint Grade Hardwood Kitchen Island Legs are also available for those looking to forgo staining and varnishing.

With decorating ideas varying from person to person, Kitchen Island legs have taken on a tertiary role in addition to support and decoration. Reimagined kitchen islands are utilized not only as food preparation areas but, also as alternate dinning space in open style kitchens. Thusly, many homeowners are making grander and grander islands, many in access of 50 SQ FT.

These grand internal custom structures require substantial amount of support which is easily granted by your choice of Kitchen Island legs. The added unobstructed seating space can comfortably seat a family.