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Outwater, a leading distributor of architectural products for classic homes re imagines Metal Bar Brackets as a practical and admirable alternative to overly bulky, pricy and in many cases fragile, traditional support features like corbels and columns. Traditional support structures were generally fabricated from stone and wood. However, their use has gradually been subsidized with their equivalent in metal around the 16th century.

Outwater’s Cast Iron Brackets exquisitely capture the pre-Victorian era designs, replicating their graceful curves and scrolls. Recreating many of the classic designs that depict elements of vines, Floure de Lis, and swirls, Metal Bar Brackets supplementary adorn and uphold.

Easy to install with pre-drilled holes, Outwater’s Bar Brackets, are substantial with 1-1/2” flange width. Durably constructed, these heavy duty brackets are unrivaled for counter support. By placing brackets underneath overhanging counters you can forgo sacrificing of floor space to columns which can impair chair placement.

Uncompromisingly beautiful, Outwater’s brackets are 10” x 13-1/2” in size and are supplied with color match mounting screws. When placed underneath your bar, they will easily support wood, metal and even granite counters.

Available in Black, Dark brushed Antique Copper, or Swedish Iron Machined finishes cast iron brackets are ideal for decorative interior applications. Placing the brackets inside door arches and underneath your ceilings is a wonderful way to add a decorative touch to otherwise naked walls and passageways.

To complement your Metal Bar Brackets Metal Cast Iron Onlay can be attached to further accentuate your counter space. Available in Black and Dark Brushed Antique Copper finishes it easily blends with your choice of brackets for incomparable results that will withstand the test of time.