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Outwater, a leading distributor of architectural products dedicated to bringing practical renovation solutions offers Orac Decor. Orac is Europe’s first choice for interior mouldings and millwork in durable polyurethane and durypolymer. Altogether, Durac’s and Outwater’s dual efforts to bring pragmatic and alluring decorative moulding to your home is a sure way to increase your home’s value as well as to add admirable decorations to existing structures.


Orac has pioneered the development of long lasting moulding that contains contemporary and classic elements since 1970. Manufactured in steel molds that have been painstakingly created by some of the most talented craftsmen their collections feature deep, detailed and intricate designs. To further an already extensive collection, renowned designer Ulf Moritz has brought 3D Elements with his new collection to the Orac family. His minimalist approach effortlessly blends classic design elements with geometric shapes that easily match any room in the house.

Whether redecorating or remodeling, Outwater’s/Orac’s Collections allow for decorative touch at a fraction of the cost of plaster moulding, which is not only expensive but also decidedly fragile. Unlike plaster, Orac has rigid and flexible moulding in Axxent and Luxxus product lines (8’ and 6.5’ cornice moulding). Being so durable, Orac’s panel moulding eliminates direct contact between furniture and walls and is itself impervious to moisture and will not swell, split or warp.

The collection is comprised of Niches, Fireplaces Surrounds, Door Surrounds, Base Moulding, Mini Moulding, Wall Light Sconces, Full and Half Columns, Pilasters, Segment Columns, Door Panels, Library Facades, Pediments, Ceiling Medalions, Corbels, Domes not to mention countless Cornice/Crown and Panel Mouldings. For your convenience, the collection is stocked in house by Outwater and is ready to ship, reducing lead time and shipping costs.

Each segment in the collection comes pre-primed for effortless customization with paint or your choice and other available finishes. Moulding installation is a snap with DecoFix (adhesive available in Pro, Hydro and Extra). Fully guaranteed with the adhesives designated use, the installation should hold your products in place for the duration of their lifetime.

While larger rooms can accommodate large lighting fixtures, in smaller rooms traditional lighting fixtures can be bulky and out of place. Conjointly, Cornice Moulding is optimal for housing indirect lighting that easily circumvents lighting dilemmas. Pending on your choice of moulding there are plenty of Dimmable LED Lights available that can provide the desired amount of light.

Outwater’s many options assure that your custom decorating needs will be exceeded with Orac’s Decor. The full line of products is available at and will surpass your decorative needs with its high quality millwork.