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Resin Artisan Corbels and Appliques by Outwater are transcendent for accentuating Classic Home decor. Exquisitely carved molds manifest designs that are favorite among architects and home builder alike, and the Resin Artisan Collection varies in styles and sizes boasting 2,462 individual pieces. The Corbels and other adornments are elementary to install with adhesive or screws for your convenience, requiring only varnish and stain to customize for long-lasting and visually stunning results.


Being made from resin and Maple combination makes the Resin Artisan collection less likely to split that even the hardest of woods. This hybrid technology allows for consistent density without knots, warping or cupping. All designs from the collection possess natural warmth inherent of wood; making all elements from this collection a closer match for your home.

Unfinished for customization convenience with paint, stain or varnish and are available in different depth’s to accommodate your taste and applicable accents, the Resin Artisan Collection has the highest level of intricate detail available. Detail Complexity is partly allowed by uniformity aspect that is attained through the use of original molds that are simply exquisite, demonstrating the skill level of the Artists creating them.

The Appliques, Cartouches, Faces and Onlays from Outwater are superb for effortless finishing touches on furniture and around your mantle, staircase and cabinetry and can be attached with all standard wood tools and adhesives. Bringing depth to otherwise flat surfaces with its pieces, the complete collection boasts Ceiling Elements, Scones, Rings, Panels, Plinth Blocks, Swags, Scrolls, Specialties, Friezes, Drops, Finials, Faces, Festoons, corner Elements, Columns and more in addition to Appliques and Corbels.


For those looking for more elaborate, detailed decor Outwater’s Resin artisan Collection is the way to achieve the opulent look that comes with the craftsmanship. Unlike solid wood which is never truly uniform the Resin Artisan collection provides results that match your existing decorations perfectly. Once stained, gracing your home with a faultless palatial look is readily achievable with this line of products.