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Built to last, Outwater’s custom made to order ladders are the ideal solution for vertical storage dilemma in your Classic home. Ladder safety reborn with wooden ladders with roll or hook slide attachments.

Outwater, a leading manufacturer of thousands of products internationally has been distributing a practical alternative to step ladder/werner ladder and telescopic ladders which guaranties the right placement every time. The rolling ladder, also known as loft ladder, for that reason has been used in kitchens, wine cellars and libraries alike, providing a fastened yet space saving way to navigate vertically for out of reach storage.

Being stable and safe are the “icing on the cake” when factoring in how highly customizable the ladders from Outwater truly are. Although traditionally made from Red Oak, the Customized, Made To Order Rolling Ladders are also available in Mahogany, Maple, Birch, Ash, Cherry, Beech, Hickory, Teak, Walnut and White Oak. They all come unfinished for further customization unless specified.

Further stability and durability of each step of your custom made ladder is possible through use of screws (not nails) to attach to rails. Rungs are placed underneath each step for added strength. The ladder durability doesn’t compromise the ladders ability conserve space or its beautiful look. With the top slide feature available in either roll type or hook slide, the ladder can be easily pushed against shelves to permit passage.

The uncompromised design of the classic rolling ladder does not mar the feel of a classic older house the way that aluminum ladder would. The finish you choose for your track is used for your fixture finish for your custom ladder. Available in black, satin nickel, bronze, polished chrome, antique brass, pewter, antique bronze, polished brass, brushed chrome, and oil rubbed bronze, the finished fixtures can easily match classic home decor.

Rolling Ladders reminiscent of early 20th century have been replaced by modern telescopic ladders which are significantly cheaper and definitely look it. Outwater’s Rolling Ladders combine historical look of vintage ladders with the durability of modern platform ladders. The rolling ladders nonetheless aren’t just utilitarian. The finished ladders are beautiful and help to break up never-ending storage shelves, while simultaneously answering the question “how did that get there?”