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Outwater, an industry leader for over 40 years, is dedicated to preserving Classic Home feel with high quality ceiling panels. Combining nostalgia with grandeur, Outwater’s ceiling panels readily harmonize with your existing decor. Consequently, many homeowners take decorating to new heights by placing ceiling panels continuously, extending the panels 3D patterns and design from ceiling to floor.

Outwater stocks 2x4 and 2x2 foot panels with art nouveau patterns depicting flowers, shells, and vines, and art deco patterns, lavished with intricate geometric shapes. In their multiple plate panels, the patterns are uniformly repeated in 3, 6 or 12 inch boxes. An amplified, embossed look with additional depth and design accentuation can be achieved by layering and smearing multiple paint layers and colors over your choice of panels.

Decorative by nature and yet highly utilitarian, Outwater’s Premium Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels are US made and are incredibly durable. Made from tin free steel, the lightweight, non-combustible panels are chromium treated for superior paint retention. Product longevity is easy with RUST-O-LEUM paints, recommended to maintain semi-gloss or high gloss appearance. On-site customization and finishing is easy with uncoated panels and fillers which must be coated to prevent corrosion.

Outwater’s 2x2 foot panels are ideal for Lay-Ins/dropped ceiling installation. Panels are secured with clips and their edges are finished with matching fillers which can be further faux finished. Preexisting dropped ceilings with grid require minimal experience for installation and panels effortlessly slide into place.

The 2x4 foot panels are superb for Nail-Up installation. Outwater’s Nail-up panels are a simple install for any contractor; requiring only heavy duty gloves, a hammer, tin snips, tape measure and string and chalk for an outline.

Properly coated with oil based paint little or no maintenance is required for Outwater’s panels and they can be safely cleaned with soap and water. Outwater’s Premium Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels are quintessential for completed look of Victorian Music Room or Study in period correct home’s decor circa late eighteen hundreds.