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Rome, NY

Luke Marshall, a lifelong metalsmith, is the sole proprietor of Delta Copper of Rome, NY. Luke has over 20 years of professional experience in arts and crafts, lighting, and metalwork, beginning by crafting sterling silver jewelry and metal sculpture at the young age of 13. Luke specializes in copper lighting; and is highly skilled in period reproductions, custom pieces made to order, and his own original artwork which has graced private collections across the globe.


Luke's turn of the century designs are crafted with traditional methods, tools, and materials. Each item is annealed and formed with successive rounds of hammering, sometimes with dozens of repetitions until the desired shape is achieved. The formed copper is then planished to achieve the uniform hammered surface characteristic of arts and crafts metalwork. The final results are truly heirloom quality, works of art without compromise which many attest to be the highest quality available from a contemporary artist.

All of Luke’s pieces are created from the highest quality materials. The copper is pure 110 grade, and the mica is hand built and finished to emulate the mica used on turn of the century lighting. The sockets used in all table lamps are reproduction "fat boy" sockets and each is patinated a rich dark brown to give an aged appearance. All techniques and processes are authentic to those used over 100 years ago.

The tools used to form hand wrought copper are so specialized that Luke designs and fashions his own. This is a complicated process which is an art form in itself and evidence of the quality inherent in each hand wrought copper item turned out by Luke Marshall. Luke is discerning with each new project and every piece is beautiful and unique unto itself.

Luke’s primary goal is for every project to reflect his belief that quality, integrity, and permanence are not just crucial to craftsmanship but are also a way of life.