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LeFort & Company, Ltd., was formed in 2012 to carry on the legacy and artistry of LeFort Fine Furniture. Working in the tradition of the great furniture designers and cabinetmakers of the 18th Century, Dave LeFort started LeFort Fine Furniture in 1984 with the goal of producing the finest handcrafted furniture available. Over the years LeFort Fine Furniture established a reputation for producing furniture of unsurpassed beauty and craftsmanship. Our mission is to continue that tradition by providing you, our customers, with beautiful luxury furniture of exquisite design and impeccable craftsmanship. Everyone at LeFort sets out to achieve our mission with a fanatical dedication to customer service. We will not rest until your expectations have been exceeded.


We are located in historic Hanover, Massachusetts, where we have our design studio and workshops. We also have a showroom for displaying examples of our work. LeFort offers two lines of custom luxury furniture – the Historic Masterpiece Collection and the Signature Series.

Our Historic Masterpiece Collection includes only those pieces found in museums and private collections that have been recognized as truly important pieces. They reflect the absolute pinnacle of furniture design and craftsmanship. Each piece in our Historic Masterpiece Collection is based on meticulous study and obsessive attention to detail in order to produce a historically accurate piece.

Each of the pieces in our Signature Series is a unique LeFort Design produced in a limited edition, epitomizing what we consider to be the very best of American Fine Furniture. While some of our designs are closely derived from particularly successful eighteenth century pieces, in general, we build upon the rich heritage passed on to us to create original designs whose style and grace will carry on for future generations of collectors and furniture connoisseurs.

Like the finest eighteenth century furniture, each work is the achievement of a master cabinetmaker. Starting with the finest sustainably harvested hardwood lumber available, every board is meticulously matched for figure and grain, every surface is hand planed, every dovetail hand cut, and every leg and decorative element hand carved. As a mark of pride, the individual piece bears the cabinetmaker's signature pledging a personal guarantee of enduring quality.