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Ceiling Medallions Reborn

Outwater reinvented classic décor for ceiling fans, chandeliers, lighting for indoor and outdoor living for 2016 in modern and classic designs. 21st century decorative medallions for every room.

The traditional ceiling medallion skyrocketed in popularity in Victorian Home, usually ornately displayed around the chandeliers/gasoliers on coffered ceilings. The pricy pendants were constructed by hand from paper mache, ornamental plaster or metal; often decorated with acanthus leafs or floral motifs. They signified social standing but, have virtually disappeared in ceiling design around pendant lighting in the post-World War II era due to the effort required in creating and maintaining the adornments.

With change in technology the medallions have started to make a miraculous comeback thanks to pioneers like Architectural Products by Outwater, an industry leader for over 40 years. To reinvent the period correct ceiling medallions they have painstakingly recreated traditional designs as well as created new, contemporary ones in over 50 sizes and styles, reimagining what’s accessible in the world of interior design and outdoor lighting.

Outwater’s new ceiling medallions bypassed many traditional hardships, being highly customizable, inexpensive and easy to install, some with precut holes and other without, made out of durable urethane, primed and ready to install. The size of the light fixture, ceiling height, room size, type of room or space are no longer the defining factors for most customers. The decisions pertaining to ceiling medallion really comes down to an individual’s taste.

In modern homes across the country designers and contractors have been using medallions on walls and on furnishings to “accessorize” drop ceilings, outdoor ceiling fans, , led ceiling lights, track lighting, ceiling tiles and personalize rooms; to break up large spaces and to add focal points to otherwise indistinguishable living spaces. No longer are the medallions for the chandeliers in and around the Grand Foyer, they’re in kitchens, living rooms, around bathroom lighting, pendant lighting, in playrooms and more. With a little bit of imagination ceiling medallion’s (or plastic medallion’s) traditional role has been reinvented to accommodate modern and classic homes, moving to walls and floors, and even complimenting table lamps, floor lamps, and all ceiling light fixtures.

The now readily available products from are accessible to consumers everywhere for a fraction of the cost (sometimes as little as 20%) of what original medallions are sold for in more choices than ever. The sizes and shapes of the ceiling medallions are as varied as their uses, some with deep reliefs, other’s much flatter or angular to fit ones taste. With paint choices, finish choices and texture choices for detailing being just as numerous coming up with unique ways to utilize the ornamental plaques is a great creative outlet for anyone. Accomplishing the bare wall, wood, metallic multicolor looks is as easy as your next trip to the hardware store.

Outwater’s lightweight ceiling medallions require minimal effort for installation and customization. After the whole is cut, the ornamental plaque can be attached with adhesive. Building the product first by attaching a base, waiting for it to dry and then having an artist come in and design the pattern and wait for it to dry before finally painting or stain it are things of the past.