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For over 20 years Stairways Int'l has been building custom staircases and hand railings. We truly are one of the most developed in-house stair companies in the world today. We routinely produce custom milling, turning, ornamental turning, carving, wreathed or tangent hand railing components, solid wood spiral staircases, straight staircases, and circular staircases, in wood, metal, and glass. We sell component stair parts, spiral stair kits, and fully installed and even finished stair and railing packages in almost any design imaginable. Reproduction, authentic, traditional, and architecturally correct design combined with modern but not automated manufacturing methods.

Whether you have a historic design that needs to be faithfully reproduced, or would like us to work with you to design something appropriate to your decor, Stairways Int'l will work with you to achieve your goals and budgets.