Smithers & Son Silversmith

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(413) 625-2994
1057 Hawley Rd.
Ashfield, MA 01330

Hammers, anvils, and stakes are employed to create silver pieces inspired by the works of the early masters. Original designs, reproductions, and restorations. Hollowware, presentation silver, baby gifts, and communion sets.

Since 1975, Smithers & Son Silversmith has been researching and refining the classic art of silversmithing as practiced by master silversmiths throughout history. Through the process of performing restorations on early metal objects, Steve has gained an intuitive sense of the original working methods used, which has influenced the design, construction, and craftsmanship of his own pieces.

His first experiences with metalworking were as a machinist and plater, from which he gained knowledge about modern production which encourages quantity and speed and also a detachment from the work being performed. Once the opportunity arose to work with pieces made prior to the industrial revolution, Steve began to acquire an understanding of the nature of work performed by the crafts people of yesterday and today. The essence of that process is pride of workmanship and the care taken in the making of quality hand-wrought creations.

The small workshop built by Steve and several friends evokes the feeling of an earlier time. The pieces produced in his shop are unique in design, influenced by both the classic forms of many of the antique pieces he has restored through the years, and by his experiences while learning the nearly lost art of silversmithing. Steve is assisted in his work by Rick Powers, and his son Christopher Smithers, both of whom learned about silversmithing at the Smithers workshop.