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PO Box 57, Keller, TX 76244

Specializing in the restoration and sale of original, authentic antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans manufactured in the USA between 1890 and 1950.

Most antique and vintage desk and ceiling fans are fully functional when properly restored and will give you many years of enjoyment, as well as, complement any setting. Vintage electric fans covered the design spectrum through the decades. From Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Art Moderne, to Jet Age styling, examples can be found in different models of electric fans that allow them to add to the design element of a room, rather than simply serve a utilitarian purpose.

We offer professional vintage fan restoration!

Whether you are restoring a home or building and need that finishing touch that an antique ceiling or desk fan provides, or perhaps you own a vintage ceiling or desk fan that you would like professionally restored, in either case we can help. We can restore your antique or vintage ceiling fan in any custom color or finish that you desire. Although many antique desk fans were originally painted black, custom colors or finishes are also available that allow them to blend with any décor. Examples of past restorations can be seen in our galleries.