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They may not make builders' hardware like they used to, but the Wm. J. Rigby Co. sells what they used to make. Imagine buying the same hardware as the original builder of your house, in the same unused condition. We specialize in unused builders’ hardware from 1860 until 1960 made by America’s best hardware manufacturers such as: Yale, Corbin, RUSSWIN and Norwalk among others. They also provide meticulous restoration of original hardware to home-owners and designers.

We also carry a large selection of restored hardware. Each piece is sold completely repaired and fully functional. Restored hardware is labeled as such on this web-site.

We can restore and repair your existing hardware. We encourage people to keep their original hardware. Hardware made prior to World War II was usually extremely well made. Although time may have put it out of kilter, restoration can bring it back to life. It is usually cheaper than buying new.