Editors' Picks: A Variety of Victorians

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The homes of the Victorian era (which spanned the later years of Queen Victoria's reign) came in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes, from grand Queen Annes to quaint Folk Victorian cottages. But all these Victorian variations had one thing in common: a fondness for elaborate ornamentation. From the late 18th century onward, the Industrial Revolution made it possible to embellish houses like never before, and the homes of the Victorian era wore its by-products proudly: gingerbread trim, spindled porches, fancy shingle patterns. Delve into the era's many offerings with these three articles, which explore the origins of some of the period's most popular styles.

Stick stayed stylish all through the 1890s in San Francisco, bringing intricate, Eastlake-inspired façade ornament to countless wood row houses.

Textbook Victorians of Cape May: The high-style houses of Cape May, New Jersey, showcase the best of Victorian-era architecture.

A Study of Stick Style: Novel carpentry creates the first “modern” house of the Victorian age.

The Mania for Mansard Roofs: Just when America was first feeling its economic oats, the height of house fashion became a roof with a Parisian double slope—the unmistakable Second Empire style.