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Our editors highlight new and classic articles, along with favorite products and current bookstore sales. This week, travel to historic hotspots around the country without leaving your desk.Got a case of wanderlust? We don't blame you. Old houses demand a lot of attention (and once you've completed an arduous project, you naturally want to spend as much time as possible basking in the glow of your achievement), but sometimes it's good to get out of the house and seek inspiration on the road. Check out these journeys to three very different (but very historic) places. They just might inspire your next vacation...or your next project.

Henry Flagler put St. Augustine on the tourist map with the Hotel Ponce de Leon (now part of Flagler College), designed by Thomas Hastings in 1887.

Finding Old Florida: Once upon a time, long before glittering Miami Vice skyscrapers and Disney fantasies scrawled their signature across the state, there was a whole other Florida.

Explore the Door:Wisconsin’s sweetest vacation destination is a 75-mile-long peninsula that shelters Green Bay from the main body of Lake Michigan.

A Southern Town, Northern Style: Need a New England fix? The tiny village of St. Michaels, Maryland, with its winding streets lined with Saltboxes and Capes, its blocks of quaint shops, pubs, and restaurants, and its thriving shipbuilding yard, is the perfect destination.

New This Week

Pretty Planks: Adding milled wood floors to your new old house offers beauty underfoot.

Pretty Planks

Village Antique: Plympton, Massachusettes, may be the oldest village in the country with its original dwellings. And ours is the oldest house in Plympton.

At Home in the Granger:Deep in the heart of Texas, a pair of homeowners stays true to the ideals of their home’s renowned architect.

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