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Selecting appropriate shrubs and flowers is only one facet of designing your yard—just as important, and arguably more tricky to get right, are the outbuildings: things like sheds, gazebos, even greenhouses and conservatories. Outbuildings have been an essential part of old-house yards since the days when now-indoor rooms like kitchens and baths were housed in them. These three articles will set you down the right path to creating beautiful, functional outbuildings that blend seamlessly with the style of your house.

Red garden shed with iron strap hinges

Stylish Sheds: When choosing outbuildings for your garden, consider the design, adaptability, and placement.

Classic Greenhouses & Conservatories: A conservatory or greenhouse was a must for the wealthy a century ago. Today you can spend a little or a lot.

Products for Organizing Your Garden Shed: These traditionally styled storage solutions will ensure that everything stays in its place in your garden shed.

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The Jubilee Summerhouse, prices vary
From Amdega Conservatories


Amdega combines cutting edge technology with timeless design to create new conservatories, gazebos, and other outdoor structures.

Although all their products are ethically built in England (as you can tell by the .co.uk website), the Jubilee is also available in the US and is fully customizable with either 8 or 10 sides. This isn't your traditional garden shed (in fact, they call it a "summer house"); the tall windows let in plenty of light.

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