Editors’ Picks: Vintage Tile

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Whether it's basic white hexagonal tiles lining a bathroom floor or beautiful handmade art tiles displayed on an Arts & Crafts fireplace surround, there's no question that tile is one of the key materials that gives old houses their character. The bad news? After years of living in an old house, tile can get chipped, mismatched, or go missing altogether. If you're searching for tile solutions for your house—whether you need to know where to buy art tile, how to spot-repair missing tiles, or even how to lay a new checkerboard linoleum floor—these three articles will provide a great foundation.

Patterns of colorful geometric tiles were common in the bathrooms and kitchens of California houses rooted in the design heritage of Spain, like Mission and Spanish Eclectic styles.

Art Tile Revival: From authentic to transitional, art tile in early 20th century designs is easier to find than ever before. Some basic background and resources can help narrow your search for the perfect tile.

The 6 R's of Tile Repair: How to fix unsightly tilework patches around plumbing fixtures.

How to Lay Linoleum Tile: As linoleum returns in popularity for the eco set, creative installation steps make it the ideal flooring for period kitchens.