Editors' Picks: Restoration on a Budget

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We'd love it if we all had unlimited funds to restore our old houses. But since most of us don't, we've got to go with Plan B: Get creative, and make every dollar count. And sometimes that's not such a bad thing—as one of our contributors once pointed out, an unlimited cash flow could lead to over-renovation. Small budgets, on the other hand, force you to focus on what your house really needs. These three articles offer up some great ideas for making the most of limited budgets, from cost-cutting tips to insight on where to splurge.

Beadboard was a budget-minded compromise that places an era-appropriate material around the kitchen without the expense of tiling all the walls.

A Budget Victorian Rehab: A budget- and maintenance-minded overhaul renewed the luster and livability of an 1892 Minneapolis Shingle Victorian.

Retro Kitchen on a Budget: A Cincinnati couple gives their tired Tudor kitchen a retro makeover—at a rock-bottom price.