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7 Hurricane Repair Products for Your Old House

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Updated News from Woodstone about the Vermont storm damage:
We were surprisingly untouched as the eye of the storm passed directly over us on its way up the Connecticut River to Canada. We can't say the same for our neighbors, many of whom lost driveways, outbuildings and in some cases, their homes. East of us were high winds and to the west of us, more rain than Vermont has seen in a century. You've seen the news.
If you feel like helping, Vermont Foodbank is a great cause to support.

As of Friday, September 2, the companies listed below are in area in Vermont and Connecticut that have sustained water/wind damage and may be still without power. They need your support to get through this time of economic hardship. There may be companies that we are not aware of that are in the same position. Please share that information with us so we can support our community and our readers and their communities during these difficult times.

Vermont Soapstone
Simon Pearce
Granville Mfg
Clearlake Furniture in Ludlow VT did not take a direct hit but their community is very devastated and they are donating part of any sales proceeds to the community renovation effort through Black River Good Neighbors.

Purchase a tea light and $20 from every sale will go towards the American Red Cross of Vermont and New Hampshire Valley to help recover from Hurricane Irene.

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