Stephen T. Spewock

Stephen T. Spewock is a freelance writer in the metro Boston area.  

In 1998, Spewock became a self-taught Builder/Remodeler in the Metro-Boston area. After securing state licensure as both Contracting Supervisor and Remodeling/Renovation Expert, he founded his own small-business, focusing on custom projects ranging from design and installation of kitchens, doors + windows, decks + outbuildings, and small/large home additions. Over 8 years, his business revenues grew 50% over previous year, successively.

Spewock has published over 50 articles in multiple Regional + National magazines, provided technical input for two "how-to" manual books focusing on architectural construction, contributed to marketing brochures, helped initiate/contribute to various business Twitter campaigns, and now has seven concept story ideas under initial screenplay development--with three of those scripts under initial writing contract.

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