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Restoring Casement Windows

Lately, casement windows have been on my mind. No surprise: my 1913 Adirondack-style cottage has a dozen wood casements—and they all need work. Unlike double-hung sash windows that move up and down, casement windows swing outward, inward, or occasionally upward, turning on hinges attached to one edge of the frame.

Elegance & Whimsy for an Italian Villa

The charming house in Greene County, New York, has been faithfully restored: foundation and structure, exterior elements, and the trim inside. The new kitchen, still in the expected place at the back of the house, is now a family gathering space. Upstairs, a twin bedroom is a trip to fantasyland. Creativity and warmth run throughout.

2022 Renovation LookBook

Our all-new “bookazine” features hundreds of hard-to-find items for every style & era, PLUS editorial extras: shop tours, renovation advice, inspiring house tours.

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