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Product of the Week

1858 Greek Revival House

In creating a business they would own, a family finishes the rehabilitation of an important 1858 Greek Revival house in Tennessee.

5 Easy Ways to Get a Medieval Vibe

It’s still true, your home is your castle—all the more so if it’s got elements of Gothic Revival, Romanesque, Tudor, or even Craftsman! The warmth (and mysticism) of medieval design is comforting and connects us with the past. What follow are five easy ways to bring that nostalgia home.

Channeling Robert Rummer in Oregon

Light-filled Modern with sensitive corrections that inspire easy living, a 1971 home by the Northwest builder and Eichler fan Robert Rummer is rescued from a ’90s remodeling.

Finding Home

Buying, renovating, downsizing — or looking for your forever home? Our 2021 special edition, Finding Home, will help get you started.

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