Interior Paints & Stenciling

Interior Paints & Stenciling

Old House Journal’s compendium of articles about interior paints, color schemes, and period-appropriate stenciling for historic homes.

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Researching Early Paint Colors

How many old-house owners have glanced around their rooms and sighed, “If only walls could talk?” What, for example, could they tell us about the richest colors from the earliest days of colonial America, when paint was hand-ground, expensive, and often flaunted as a status symbol by those who could afford the very best?

Blue & White Decorating Schemes for Old Houses

Blue and white together has been a staple in almost every style of American home décor since George Washington famously painted more than a dozen rooms at Mount Vernon in shades using Prussian blue. Colonial-era coverlets memorably paired white over navy in the “overshot” pattern. And flow blue—the Chinese-inspired dishware with its signature blurred glaze […]

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