Period Bathrooms

Period Bathrooms

Find tips here on how you can update your period bathroom without sacrificing your historic home’s unique style.


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1920s-40s Baths

Bungalow-era baths were of the “sanitary white” persuasion. Not so the bathrooms built after the mid-1920s! Bright color and Jazz Age glamour continued through the 1930s. By the mid-40s, white tile was back.

3 Ways to Design a Bath in an Early House

Several approaches are tried-and-true when it comes to designing a bathroom appropriate for the pre-1860 house. You sure don’t want to replicate “an original,” and authenticity isn’t high on the list here. The goal is simply to make the bathroom, whether new or remodeled, fit in.

Baths Made Simple

The husband-and-wife team behind Fine Artist Made shows us how focusing on the basics can lead to gorgeous, understated period bathrooms.

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