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It's everything that's outside your old house; garden design, landscaping, exterior lighting, porches, siding, roofing, exterior paint schemes, gazebos, windows, doors, shutters & more.

Innerglass window

Shop Tour: Innerglass Window Systems

A closer look at Innerglass Window Systems.

shed porch roof

The Porch Roof

A porch without a roof is merely a deck. Besides, the porch roof is an important defense against the elements.


Can an Outdoor Deck Be Compatible?

We’ve seen the ones that aren’t: too big, in the wrong place, speaking a language all their own. Here’s how to think about designing an outdoor deck.

window replacement

The Case for Repairing Wood Windows

Making the case for the preservation of old wood windows.

Clingerman carriage house garage doors

Period-appropriate Garage Doors

What to look for in new period-appropriate garage doors.

front-facing attached garage

Garage Doors for Period Homes

Here’s a look at recent garages, inspired by period houses, which make the most of new space.

Porch rail box with dog

Create the Perfect Window Box

Window boxes may be part of a “vertical garden” that includes pots and urns, hanging baskets, wall trellises, and even a pergola (an open-roofed porch structure that accommodates climbers).

poolhouse rear view

Designing for Outdoor Spaces

Site planning and the architecture of outdoor spaces.

The Garden in Every Sense and Season, gardening book

Books for Old-House Gardeners

The OHJ editors and writer Tovah Martin share their favorite old-house gardening books.

pitched roof

Historic Roof Types

In its massing, pitch, and material, a roof indicates house style.

Miters for Window Trim

Cutting Miters for Window Trim

Shop craftsman at Woodsmith Magazine Marc Hopkins demonstrates how to trim out a window with window casing.

1950s Cape Cod

Cape Cod Exterior Colors

Twentieth-century Capes sometimes stray from tradition.

double herbaceous border

A Landscape Designer's Own Gardens

An award-winning landscape designer’s own extensive gardens reflect two decades of cultivation and care.

brick patterns

Patterned Brickwork

Decorative masonry in early houses on the Eastern Seaboard.

AutumTints Brick

Musing on Brick Houses, 1929–1955

What are we to make of these fanciful brick houses?

red shutters from Timberlane

Buy the Right Shutters

A primer on real, old-fashioned, appropriate exterior shutters, suitable for old houses, includes weather-resistant options.


Take-Aways From a Colonial Revival Garden

True Colonial-era gardens were practical, rarely ornamental, and relied on edible and medicinal plants.

rose garden, perennials, Blithewold

The Inspiring Gardens of Blithewold

An eclectic informality is more Arts & Crafts than Gilded Age in the gardens of Blithewold developed between 1893 and 1913.

glass conservatory

Glass House Conservatories

Glass house conservatories are different from greenhouses in that they are permanently attached to a building.

building a new porch railing

Building a New Porch Railing for a 1920s Home

When Bill Ticineto and Jill Chase added a period-appropriate verandah to their 1920s-era home, building a new porch railing for the steps to their side yard was a necessity. Here's how they did it.


How to Repair Old Porches

Tips and techniques for restoring and repairing old porches, including repairing porch posts, columns, flooring, skirting and more.

completed flagstone path

Old-House Hardscaping

A deep dive into landscape materials plus some do-able outdoor projects; a quarry visit; laying a walk; creating a pond.

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Mold Making & Casting Compounds

Founded in 1959, Abatron, Inc. specializes in the research, formulation, and manufacture of epoxy and related compounds.