Conservatories, Gazebos & Sheds


A look at the different styles and functions of conservatories and gazebos for historic homes, including greenhouses, outbuildings, sunrooms, sheds and nurseries. 

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glass conservatory

Glass House Conservatories

Glass house conservatories are different from greenhouses in that they are permanently attached to a building.

Shingle siding lends this octagon-shaped garden shed an Arts & Crafts aesthetic.

How To Design a Shed for Your Old House

For an outbuilding that complements your old house, start with traditional styles and materials.

teal door, old house garden shed

Garden Shed Guide for Old Houses

Even if your old house has been perfectly preserved, there's a good chance the old shed that came with it isn't in such pristine condition.

Red garden shed with iron strap hinges, stylish sheds

Stylish Sheds

When choosing stylish sheds for your garden, consider the design, adaptability, and placement.


Classic Greenhouses & Conservatories

A conservatory or greenhouse was a must for the wealthy a century ago. Today you can spend a little or a lot.

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prowood market

ProWood Wood Brackets are an excellent addition to both the inside and outside of the home.


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