Exterior Painting


Put the best face forward on your old house, with these articles about exterior painting styles, color schemes, historic color palettes and more. 

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1950s Cape Cod

Cape Cod Exterior Colors

Twentieth-century Capes sometimes stray from tradition.

Victorian color scheme

12 Rules for Victorian Polychrome Paint Schemes

Follow these guidelines to create cohesive Victorian color schemes.

Second Empire cottage all-white paint scheme

Paint Schemes for a Victorian Cottage

Historical color experts suggest that this late Victorian cottage might be polychromed in period colors.

A richly colored Federal house in Newport, Rhode Island, has a contrasting scheme is in patriotic blue and red.

Paint Palettes for Colonial & Colonial Revival Houses

Paint colors of the past suggest combinations for early period and Colonial Revival houses today.

A balanced polychrome paint scheme (top) enhances the house’s handsome details, which were dulled by the previous black and white (bottom).

How We Revived Our House's Paint Scheme

Black and white is classic, but it didn’t bring out the best in our Italianate.

The upper story and pergola of this Foursquare take cues from the mossy green of the variegated brickwork.

5 Tips for Period Paint Schemes

A handful of ways to create a proper period paint scheme.

Seroco paints catalogs from Sears outlined color schemes for all of the company's mail-order houses. (All illustrations from the collection of John Crosby Freeman)

Sears Paint Colors

Our expert updates original Sears paint colors on the most popular kit houses offered in the early 20th-century.

Watercolor of Victorian paint scheme

Choosing Victorian Paint Colors

Author Brian Coleman gives us the inside scoop on how he selected the Victorian house paint colors for his fanciful Queen Anne.

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