A look at non-sympathetic additions  and other remodeling disasters, otherwise known as "remuddling". 

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remuddling, moustache house

The Moustache House

"Eyebrow-raising design choices!" –Linda Clark


A Stunted Victorian

"We need more education in architecture." –Karen M. Kirk

Dutch Colonial

Dutch Colonial Tragedy

Two Dutch Colonial homes, just blocks away from each other, have been cared for drastically differently over the years.

remuddling, old house journal

A Gothic Villa with Problems

"A doll house, just out of the box." - Emma Leigh

Remuddled home

From Real to Faux

"Not as bad as some, but clunky & pedestrian." –Barrett Ryker

remuddled cape home

Cape Catastrophe

"Just an in-Cape-able remodeling!" - Cathie Casey

remuddling, chicago, stop the pop

Oughtta Be A Law

Chicago Bungalows are under siege by a new generation of design-challenged Seekers of More Space.


Who's the Bully?

"Pardon me, a new bunga-low." – Laurie Thomas & Luke Koelsch


Realty Non Fealty

Somebody put the gingerbread in a crackerbox. —Nancy Rutman

remuddled home

Slipcovered in Vinyl

"Slipcovered in vinyl, identity lost." – Debra Rabe Parker

remuddling, Gothic Revival

Hitting a Brick Wall

"It’s a house-eat-house world, Dad!" - John Shiflet, quoting his daughter.

OHJ Brick boardinghouse remuddle_gn

Boardinghouse Blues

"A home with a hernia." - Ken Ellis

(Photo credit: Rebecca Brown)

Tale of Two Towers

"The house is a money-maker. I get it. A few fixes and she could shine again." - Tina Kaasman

Don't buy a row house if you can’t play nice with others. Few things are as pleasing, or more neighborhood-defining, as an unbroken row of façades. When one is so changed, the street- scape is scarred.

Sometimes Conformity is Good

Don't buy a row house if you can’t play nice with others.


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