5 Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

Read about five homes designed or inspired by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
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See the restorations of four ingenious Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes—Suntop, WilleySamara, and Pew—plus one created by two architects who studied closely with him. 

dining banquette, suntop Frank Lloyd Wright

A dining banquette is built into the kitchen balcony in Frank Lloyd Wright's Suntop. The light fixture is original.

Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Suntop
Bewitched by Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative (and livable!) vision for a middle-class dwelling, a couple takes on the restoration of Suntop.

Lipkind house living room

Light streams into the living room at the Lipkind House. Floors are red-stained concrete.

Lipkind House, Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
Designed by Pittsburgh architects Peter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly, who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright, the Lipkind house is carefully preserved.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Willey house

A prominent feature of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Willey house, designed for a Minnesota professor and his wife, is an expansive cantilevered trellis, which appears to hover over a row of French doors. Wright envisioned wisteria vines covering the trellis to help frame the view and blur the line between the indoors and out.

Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Willey House
The innovative single-level Willey House, completed in 1934, is considered by some to be the bridge between Wright’s Prairie designs and his middle-class Usonian homes. Nearly 75 years after its completion, this Frank Lloyd Wright house has undergone a complete restoration.

Samara rug Frank Lloyd Wright

Many planned design elements were added years later; the Samara rug, which seems to show winged seeds in motion, was placed as specified in 1994.

Samara: A Frank Lloyd Wright Design
Read the story behind Frank Lloyd Wright's Samara house.

Pew House by Frank Lloyd Wright

The naturalistic modern Pew House in the Wisconsin woods.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Pew House
Wright's Pew house on Lake Mendota in Wisconsin recall's the architect's famed Fallingwater, but on a more modest scale.

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