Greek Revival Houses


A taste for all things Greek in furniture and interior design. Greek Revival homes feature a symmetrical, formal shape. 

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Greek Revival

A Grand Greek Revival Restoration

COMING HOME: Old family stories and letters guided this couple as they took on the refurbishment of a grand Greek Revival house built in 1856—by her three-times great-grandfather.

Lisa Tharp collection

Refreshing a Historic House

A young family makes refreshing changes to a historic house and carries its story forward.

pine wide plank floors

A Renovated Greek Revival

Many people would have passed right by this modest Greek Revival house, but one man saw history worth saving.

Greek Revival style house

A New Greek Revival Style House on the Prairie

Architect Marc Rueter designs a new Greek Revival style house on a farm in rural Michigan.

back parlor

Tale of a Charleston Single House

The 1836 Greek Revival house, built by a member of the prominent Taft family, remains under the diligent care of Umbrian-born preservationists with a light touch.

Architect John Day worked with Connor Homes to design the perfect pared-down Greek Revival for his young family.

Contemporary Design for a New Old Greek Revival

LDa Architecture & Interiors melds tradition and modern life in New England.

restored Greek Revival building

Converting a Grange Hall into a Home

A handsome building in desperate need of rescue provides an open-plan interior.

The Cherry Mansion was built to face the river, but when roads supplanted water transportation, the back façade became the front, facing Savannah’s main street.

Preserving a Civil War Landmark

See how one Civil War landmark home is preserved in time.

The house is furnished with country antiques and hand-me-downs; the old floors are painted. Bookcases are original cabinets; the walnut doors were stolen long ago.

Salvaging a Brick Farmhouse

A two-story portico is the only embellishment on this sturdy brick I-house, which, although long neglected, escaped modernization.

The restored home is picture-perfect today, but it took a lot of work to get it there.

Fixing a Farmhouse

See how one family renovates a 185-year-old farmhouse.

Mark Reuter designed this Greek Revival farmhouse in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

New Greek Revival Farmhouse

After some renovations, this Greek Revival Farmhouse in Michigan's Upper Peninsula was just the spot to settle down.

Greek Revival

A Greek Revival Expansion

Although this Greek Revival needed a major overhaul, a professional couple looking for a weekend getaway fell in love with the historic 120-acre farm complete with pond, open fields, and evergreen forest.

In the kitchen wing, a dropped ceiling and damaged wallboard have been removed walls here had brick nogging. Paint colors are based on those of Homer Laughlin’s ‘Riviera’ pottery of the 1940s.

Greek Revival Preserved

One Greek Revival home gets a refresh.

The façade of the house is finished in white clapboards.

Nantucket Summer House

A Nantucket summer house is restored.

Architect Sandy Vitzthum worked with Bob and Suzanne Griffiths to renovate this enchanting farmhouse in Craftsbury, Vermont.

Something Old, Something New for a Vermont Farmhouse

Upon purchasing an old house, you become stewards of that building—preserving, restoring, and maintaining the authenticity of the structure for future generations. But what do you do when all or half of the original structure has been severely altered over the years, rendering a characterless shell? Why, you create a new old house, of course. This is precisely what Bob and Suzanne Griffiths chose to do with their Greek Revival farmhouse that had gone through some pretty unappealing changes over the years.

new old Greek Revival

A New Old Greek Revival

Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects creates a new old Greek Revival home in New England.

The 20' columns and classical façade of Chadsworth Cottage make it a Figure Eight Island landmark.

Chadsworth Cottage

Some houses speak to us. Their voices are honest, eloquent, and deeply resonant. They communicate in a language that is grounded in our architectural history and an authentic local dialect.

With a nod to agrarian buildings in the are, Murray chose a lead-coated copper roof for the farmhouse's porch.

Farmhouse Retreat in the Country

Gertrude Stein once wrote, "A house in the country is not the same as a country house." It is a subtle distinction that architect John B. Murray can appreciate. Shortly after founding his New York-based architectural firm, John B. Murray Architect, LLC, in 1997, Murray and his family were seeking just the sort of country house Stein had in mind.

The front and rear facades of the "Big House" are virtually identical; only the slightly smaller scale of the windows distinguishes the land side from the river side.

Greek Revival, Georgia Style

See a renovated Greek Revival house off the coast of Georgia.

When Shepard is entertaining summer guests, the butler's pantry between the kitchen and dining room is the perfect spot to set up the bar.

Massachusetts Farmhouse

Rita Shepard had been looking for years for an old house in her childhood summer haven of Marblehead, Massachusetts, but could not find a farmhouse she was truly happy with.


A Simply Beautiful American Greek Revival

It may be true that "the devil is in the details," but when Manhattan architect Gil Schafer III began planning his new weekend house in Dutchess County, New York, he knew that selecting architecturally appropriate details for his chosen American Greek Revival design was just one of many necessities.

old house living room

A Miracle of Old New York

In an out-of-the-way corner of Brooklyn, an astonishing survivor—a freestanding Greek Revival in wood—has been immaculately restored, ready to face the next century.

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