Historic Neighborhoods

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A look at some of the country's  most interesting historic neighborhoods, known for their period-style architecture and historic homes.  

Fairmount District house

Texas Bungalow Neighborhoods

Arts & Crafts-era historic streetcar neighborhoods, Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas.

Savannah, Georgia

Ghostly Historic District Tours

These 8 walking tours scattered across the country will give you a glimpse into the paranormal past of some classic historic neighborhoods.

American city planner JOHN NOLEN designed Venice for primary developers, the Brotherhood of Railway Engineers. Streets and avenues are laid out in graceful geometric patterns with regard to the natural landscape and the Gulf of Mexico.

Venezia Park / Venice, Florida

This is one of three National Register districts in the John Nolen Historic District of Venice—already a destination before the state’s 1920s boom, and before southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast had made it onto tourist maps.

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District Heart: Fredericksburg, Texas

“This neighborhood is such a treasure. The pioneers came to this isolated area, yet they survived and kept on building.” –Sharon Joseph

STYLE DIVERSITY IN A ROW: Modest examples are part of a tight-knit row of distinctive yet compatible houses, illustrating  the combination of picturesque  massing and continuity that builder R. C. Hillen and architect W. W. Dixon championed in their collaborations.

Storybook Homes in East Oakland

Turning onto Picardy Drive, East Oakland’s block-long enclave of 1920s Storybook houses, is like entering a fairytale.

The picturesque downtown is packed with artists and craftsmen, antiques shops, and restaurants, occupying spaces once claimed by millers, tanners, and blacksmiths.

The Historic Charms of Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Visit colonial-era homes in the Old South of Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Complete with a berm and nestled into its sloping site, the Brown House mirrors 18th-century Chester County homesteads that were added to over time. Mixed materials were used in constructing stone, log, and wood-framed sections.

Building Tradition at Olde Bulltown

An authentic stone house vernacular is still strong at this community of new old houses in Pennsylvania.

Victorian buildings in Georgetown, Colorado.

Old West Victorians in Georgetown, Colorado

This former mining town boasts an impressive array of Victorian finery.

An intact row of Creole cottages, newly painted, on Chartres Street in The Marigny.

Architecture & Culture in New Orleans' Faubourg Marigny

Filled with old-timers and artists, The Marigny is a bohemian neighborhood against a backdrop of pastel Shotgun houses and colorful Creole cottages.

“I feel lucky to live in such a special house and to be able to put my stamp on it," says resident Roddie Turner. "When I come home at the end of the day, the house just shimmers.”

Victorian Houses on St. Paul's Summit Avenue

Lined with 19th-century beauties, this landmark Minnesota boulevard is an illustrated dictionary of Victorian house styles.

Exuberant metal sunbursts and sprays guard doors in Collier Heights, but they also welcome visitors and bring light and air to the interiors.

Mid-Century Architecture in Atlanta's Collier Heights

Find surprises amidst the ranches of Atlanta’s Collier Heights.

“This romantic enclave is not only my home, it is a sanctuary in the wild metropolis that is Los Angeles," says interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. "A rich, colorful tapestry of inhabitants only adds to its European flavor and historical importance.”

A Mediterranean Enclave in Los Angeles

Discover a little slice of Europe tucked away on a hillside in Hollywood.

Orchard House is where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women, and today is a museum devoted to the Alcott family.

Historic Sights in Concord, Massachusetts

A pilgrimage to the historic and still-lovely Massachusetts town of Emerson, the Alcotts, Hawthorne, and Thoreau.

“Litchfield is peaceful and a great place to write," says resident Florence de Dampierre. "Yet it’s close to New York and full of interesting people...the perfect combination of calm and social interaction.”

Classic New England Architecture in Litchfield, Connecticut

This idyllic town in northwest Connecticut boasts plenty of well-preserved old houses.

The Old Louisville Historic District

Architectural Highlights of Old Louisville

We unearth the old-house treasures of this genteel Southern city.

The richly ornamented 1873 Kemper House displays a notable High Victorian front porch with paired columns and fancy gingerbread.

Victorian Houses of Indianapolis

An unexpected cache of Victorian beauties awaits visitors to Indianapolis, Indiana.

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