House Tours

House Tours

Tours of old houses, historic homes, and new old houses built in period styles, including Arts & Crafts, Greek Revival, Mid-Century Modern, and Queen Anne style; including Frank Lloyd Wright homes.


Product of the Week

George Barber Architecture in Knoxville, Tennessee

There’s much to like about Knoxville, Tennessee—the mild climate, an excellent university, broad streets that host a relatively laid-back rush hour, and a population of about 185,000 friendly citizens. For unreconstructed Victoriana-philes, there’s also its bevy of Barber houses, thanks to the fact that George F. Barber, one of the most popular and prolific catalog-architects […]

Something Old, Something New for a Vermont Farmhouse

Upon purchasing an old house, you become stewards of that building—preserving, restoring, and maintaining the authenticity of the structure for future generations. But what do you do when all or half of the original structure has been severely altered over the years, rendering a characterless shell? Why, you create a new old house, of course. This is precisely what Bob and Suzanne Griffiths chose to do with their Greek Revival farmhouse that had gone through some pretty unappealing changes over the years.

Summer Camp

During the mid-to-late 19th century, the Massachusetts seaside town of Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha’s Vineyard was referred to as “Cottage City” for its profusion of romantic Carpenter Gothic or Gingerbread summer cottages.

Cottage Living

Drawing on age-old principles, Pennsylvania architect Peter Zimmerman designs a small house with big appeal.

Chadsworth Cottage

Some houses speak to us. Their voices are honest, eloquent, and deeply resonant. They communicate in a language that is grounded in our architectural history and an authentic local dialect.

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