House Tours

House Tours

Tours of old houses, historic homes, and new old houses built in period styles, including Arts & Crafts, Greek Revival, Mid-Century Modern, and Queen Anne style; including Frank Lloyd Wright homes.


Product of the Week

Texas Ranch Rebirth From Michael Imber

To a talented and skillful architect, architectural history is nothing more—and certainly nothing less—than a bountiful source of inspiration for creating architecture that is unmistakably new, yet firmly anchored in the culture of its time and place.

Massachusetts Farmhouse

Rita Shepard had been looking for years for an old house in her childhood summer haven of Marblehead, Massachusetts, but could not find a farmhouse she was truly happy with.

Greenbriar: A Model Home & Resort in West Virginia

A model is by definition an archetype, an ideal. It is something envisioned and aspired to. But a home is real. It is rooted in its surroundings—physically, aesthetically, and, often, historically. So, how does one go about making a model home? In other words, how do you make an ideal real? Ask Donald Rattner. In […]

Arts & Crafts Connection

Author Robert Winter explores the parallels between the past and present Arts & Crafts movements, exposing the roots of architect Curtis Gelotte’s Chavez House in Kirkland, Washington.

Gulf Coast Eclectic

Architect Eric Watson had designed more than 25 houses in the neotraditional community of Rosemary Beach in Florida’s panhandle before he set out to design his own home there. An oasis of good design, Rosemary Beach and its nearby precursor Seaside are new towns with urban codes requiring that residences adhere to specified traditional styles. […]

A Simply Beautiful American Greek Revival

It may be true that “the devil is in the details,” but when Manhattan architect Gil Schafer III began planning his new weekend house in Dutchess County, New York, he knew that selecting architecturally appropriate details for his chosen American Greek Revival design was just one of many necessities.

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