Decorative Tile


Ideas for decorative tile design in old houses, including Art Tile, murals, mosaics, Art Tile panels and fireplace tile.

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Fountains were a popular application for art tile—especially in the West. A mural of vivid peacocks strutting amidst flora shows California-style art tiles at their bright, earthy best.

Art Tile Revival

From authentic to transitional, art tile in early 20th century designs is easier to find than ever before. Some basic background can help narrow your search for the perfect tile.

Alba tiles from Walker Zanger

Traditional Tile

A handpicked selection of traditional tile for your new old home.

Cafe Water Glow tiles from Walker Zanger.

Tile Traditions

We've curated a collection of tiles for design inspiration.

In the kitchen, antique tiles set into a generic field are Tropico (1920–23) tiles found by the homeowner.

Colorful California Tile

In reproduction, historic California tile has made a delicious comeback.

Subway tile was popular in kitchens and baths in the early part of the 19th century.

Traditional Trades: Heritage Tile

Small business ownership helps perfect the art of authentic tile reproduction on a grand scale.

The solarium at the Strong House is full of colorful Faience tiles, and capped by panelized plaster that was fully restored by the homeowners.

History of the Flint Faience Tile Company

The handmade tiles of the Flint Faience Tile Company grew out of the fledgling 1920s auto industry.

Circle-in-a-square tile “painting” over a vintage stove, by RTK Studios.

Art Tile Murals & Panels

Popular in late Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Mediterranean Revival homes, multi-tile panels and murals are a lovely way to add art to your old house.

art tile fireplace

Creating an Art Tile Fireplace

A bland and damaged surround is remade with a period tile installation—and the fireplace becomes a stylish focal point.

The Adamson House (1930) in Malibu, California

Architecture of Art Tile

Rediscovering a forgotten side of early 20th-century ceramics.

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