Flooring design ideas for old house interiors, including hardwood, tile, linoleum, painted floors and salvaged flooring materials. 

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Coping Joint

Coping Joints for Baseboards in Your Old Home

Shop craftsman at Woodsmith Magazine Marc Hopkins demonstrates in this video how to install coped joints for baseboards.

Wood flooring

Hardwood vs. Engineered Flooring

Which type of wood flooring is best for old houses? The answer depends on where you plan to use it.

hand-painted floor

Traditional Painted Floors

Produce artful floors with ages-old techniques and some paint.

Hardwood parquet flooring is the standard for high-style and urban Victorian houses.

3 Flooring Options for Period Homes

The flooring you choose sets the style, period, and tone for the room.

On new wide-plank pine boards in a ca. 1700 house, the edges were beveled down to make the floor look old.

Authentic Wood Flooring for Early Homes

Original wood floors are a prized feature—when they have survived. For those looking to approximate one, our experts explain what an authentic floor should look like.

Reclaimed wood flooring

The History of Wood Flooring

Gleaming tongue-and-groove hardwood floors might seem like the standard for old houses, but that wasn’t always the case, as a trip through wood flooring history illustrates.

Narrow boards create the refined floors of Mrs. Bell's bedroom in the 1881 Isaac Bell House in Newport, Rhode Island.

Wood Flooring Q & A

A rundown of the common issues that surface in the quest to manage old floors or blend in new flooring seamlessly.

White oak takes well to staining; this kitchen floor is from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Locally Sourced Wood Flooring Options

From Eastern White Pine to Hickory and Douglas Fir, we discuss the variety of locally sourced flooring options.

While linoleum manufacturers cornered the market in kitchens and baths with plain-Jane patterns, by 1929 competitors were invading living and dining rooms with colorful "rugs" that had never seen a loom and were not necessarily even linoleum.

History of Linoleum Rugs

Here's what linoleum rugs and their look-alikes are all about and what to do if you find one in your old house.

Henry Hobson Richardson, the Victorian architect whose concepts touched the modern era, pioneered the open plan with broad spaces like the living hall of Stonehurst (1883) in Waltham, Massachusetts, which flows unobstructed to adjacent rooms.

Evolution of the Open Floor Plan

Never as obvious as the periodic costume-change of exterior house styles, the form of interior spaces has been in constant evolution since the first houses appeared on this continent.

Rubber sheet flooring can be inlaid with interesting designs, such as the border and corner accents shown on this custom installation by designer Laurie Crogan.

Resilient Flooring for Old Houses

Resilient flooring is a historically accurate way to go green underfoot in your old-house restoration, and it's back in style again.

For a moisture-prone installation in a tiled bath, Unifix's PermaBase brand cement board provides a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate, and glass mesh.

Underneath What's Underfoot

The finish flooring is only as good as its underlayment, especially when it comes to tile and resilient floors.

Picking a floor finish means weighing aesthetics against the realities of maintenance. The authors' linseed-oil finish on their ash floor is museum accurate, but it may need touch-ups in a modern household.

A Clearer View of Floor Finishes

Picking a floor finish means weighing aesthetics against the realities of maintenance.

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