Pottery, Artwork & Glass


A look at period-appropriate pottery, artwork & glass for old house interior designs, including stained glass, leaded glass, figured glass, bullseye glass, Americana paintings, porcelain, pearlware, Art pottery and ceramic. 

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art glass in kitchen

A Look at Figured Glass

Figured glass added beauty, light, and privacy to houses by fusing form and function.

Windows layered in color add ambience—and privacy—to a reading nook.

Buyer's Guide to Stained Glass

Stained glass windows add color and appeal, changing the quality of the interior light and lending another dimension to the room’s design.

Well crafted  and nicely aged, many antique frames are themselves works of art.

Choosing Picture Frames

Do you frame from the heart, or frame for the room? In a word, the answer is yes. Here are some picture framing guidelines.

Marvin French doors

The View Through the Glass

Glazing—the glass configuration chosen for windows and doors—can transform interior environments by bringing in light and by opening or concealing views; glass allows connection between interior spaces and to the outdoors.

A hand-painted pastoral fireboard by Lisa Curry Mair of Canvasworks Designs complements a mural by the same artist.

Decorative Fireboards

In search of a clever way to seal up fireplaces during warm weather, early homeowners came up with a delightful form of decoration that’s still with us today.

bulls eye glass

Bulls-eye Glass

Restorers of early homes created a market for new bullseye glass, for use especially in doors and transoms.


The Love of Americana

The definition of “Americana” has shifted since a first wave of interest ca. 1820, but nostalgic collecting has always been diverse and tied to our enjoyment of artifact.

The revelry of a river town bathed in moonlight is the subject of “Port Moonbeam,” available in several formats.

Will Moses, Folk Artist

Americana painter Will Moses carries on a family tradition in unique style.

3a DePauw-vertical-eage_gn

Journeyman: Vernon DePauw, Wood Carver

Folk Artist Vernon DePauw is probably best known for his carvings of eagles, which appeal to his patriotic sense and his love for folk art.

Rookwood Pottery

Behind the Scenes at Rookwood Pottery

Just as in the past, Rookwood Pottery continues to produce hand-painted and -glazed art tiles.

Organized by color and in perfect context, primitive boxes and containers in varying shades of blue turn a cornflower-blue hutch into a breathtaking showpiece.  (Photo: Jessie Walker)

6 Rules for Displaying Collectibles

A common sense guide to displaying your collectibles.

fine art on picture rail

Picture Rails for Period Houses

Bang a nail into the drywall? Maybe not, if yours is a period house. Here’s a rundown of the ways the picture rail was used from 1840–1940.

Primitive collectibles and wares backdate a sensitively designed new kitchen.

3 Ideas for Decorating with Primitives and Folk Art

The desire to bring simple objects with patina into our homes and decorate with folk art has never been stronger.

Redware fills a dresser at Cogswell’s Grant, an 18th-century farmhouse with a large folk-art collection. (Photo: Sandy Agrafiotis)

Guide to Antique Pottery and Tableware

Even restoration purists countenance the use of reproduction tableware, as so little of the original remains: treen (woodenware) was soon replaced; pewter got melted down; pottery and porcelain broke.


The Art of Lustre Glass

Evan Chambers of Pavonine Glass discovered his preferred medium 10 years ago, when he saw a glass blowing at Carl Radke’s Phoenix Studios not far from his California home. Soon after, his sister snuck him into a glass-blowing course she was taking at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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