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Find the perfect fixtures and furnishings for your old house bathroom. Articles on restoring, decorating and designing period appropriate bathrooms.

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The restored bathroom in an 1894 house boasts a complex mosaic floor that resembles a richly detailed rug.

Mosaic Floor Tile Patterns for Baths

Mosaic floor tile patterns, from simple to elaborate, can be a great fit for old-house bathrooms.

Pratt & Larson’s ‘Classic Cream’ subway tile

6 Tips for Tile on a Budget

Strategies for using art tile to best effect, with other ways to get artisan or custom looks for less.

A bathroom in a 1928 American Standard catalog is radiant with brightly colored tile.

Guide to 20th-Century Bathroom Tile

When it comes to restoring the tile in a period bathroom, which style is appropriate for your home's style and era? A look at the evolution of styles, colors and uses for home bathroom tile in the 20th Century.

Tiled-in  marble top bathtub  in sunny restored bathroom,

The History of the Bathtub

An inside look at the history and evolution of the common bathtub can help you choose the right one for your old house.


Five Ways to Update a Classic Bath Without Losing Its Charm

Keep your bathroom timeless while using fixtures designed for modern living.

After decades of use, it's common for grout to fall away in patches where it meets adjacent materials.

Expert Advice: Fix Failing Grout

A reader's question about failing grout prompts a spot-on tutorial from a tile expert.

At the end of the 1950s, colors became richer, like this striking teal, and the latest innovation involved toilets bolted to the wall—technology that claimed to make cleaning easier (note the mop beneath the toilet at right).

The Evolution of Colored Bathroom Fixtures

Mid-20th-century bathrooms displayed a rainbow of hues, as evidenced by these vintage advertisements.

custom-made stained glass window

Privacy for Bathroom Windows

Clear glass may not do the trick in a bathroom. But you shouldn’t sacrifice light, ventilation, or beauty in the quest for seclusion—not when so many period-friendly options await.

Lights flanking a mirror cut down on harsh shadows and offered optimum illumination for grooming. The shades here-called turtles because of their resemblance to the critter-could also be mounted facing the wall, and often sat on brackets made of porcelain that featured convenient, built-in electrical outlets.  Photo Courtesy of Linda Svendsen

Art Deco Lighting for the Bathroom

When it comes to lighting bathrooms of the 1930s and '40s, you can't go wrong with a little Modern design.

Titled bathroom

Designing Powder Rooms and Half Baths

The trials and joys of designing small half baths perfect for quirky old homes.

Sink stopper problems

How to Fix a Leaking Sink Stopper

A sink stopped that won't stay put may be an easy fix.

cottage bathroom

Comfy Details in a Cottage Bath

English Arts & Crafts wallpaper and a painted wood wainscot create an informal room with style that bridges eras.

Powder and Mudroom decor

Powder & Mudroom Decor

Two important little rooms to outfit for beauty and utility; start with these ideas.

vintage-inspired vessel sink

Create a Vintage-Inspired Vessel Sink

A DIY vessel sink that's perfect of old houses.

Always avoid inadvertent damage! Never use harsh chemical cleaners to unclog an old bowl—these products can etch and discolor the surface, resulting in permanent damage or even burnout.

Top 5 Tips for Caring for a Vintage Toilet

Keep your vintage toilet in tiptop shape with these 5 tips.

Early American Bathroom, 1885 J.L. Mott bathroom

The History of the Lavatory

A timeline of the toilet's evolution can help you make the right selection for your old house.

A pretty bathroom in a new-old house designed and built by Connor Homes.

Pretty & Practical New Baths for Old Houses

Here are four examples of new bathrooms that are modest in size, fitted for plenty of storage, and focus on period woodwork and trim.

hex tile floor

How To Match New Tile to Old

Finding the right replacement tile for a bathroom doesn't have to leave you feeling burned; knowing your options and keeping them open can spark matches that seamlessly fuse the old with the new.

After a century of use, leaking gaskets on sink fittings are a common problem.

Expert Advice: Fix a Leaky Sink

What to do with a leaky sink no plumber will touch? Fix it yourself, per detailed instructions from our plumbing expert.

exotic bathroom

Bathrooms in Small Spaces

Let’s face it, shall we?—the small bathroom is a fact of life in old houses.

This bathroom with its one window is quite small, appropriate for this modest Bungalow.

Modest Arts & Crafts Bungalow Bathroom

Tile adds color & convenience in a small Arts & Crafts bathroom.


The Search for an Art Deco Sink

Opening the photo attachment, I sucked in my breath in anticipation. There it was, staring up at me from the computer screen in all of its jadeite glory: the green Art Deco sink, the one I'd been looking for everywhere.

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