Photo Gallery: Checkerboard Kitchen Floors

Whether painted, marble, or linoleum, the checkerboard pattern is a kitchen classic.

The new floor in this 1920s lakeside cottage is a floating laminate system laid over a substrate. (Photo: Carolyn Bates)

Green and cream tiles laid on the diagonal jazz up a Depression-era Tudor kitchen. (Photo: Jeremy Samuelson)

Earthy painted floors create a farmhouse ambience in a new Greek Revival kitchen. (Photo: Eric Roth)

A black-and-white marble floor is a classic touch in an eclectic Foursquare kitchen. (Photo: Thom Greene)

A painted checkerboard floor delineates the kitchen in this 18th-century farmhouse. (Photo: Rob Gray)

A green and black checkerboard is a bold contrast to turquoise cabinets. (Photo: Gross & Daley)

This Quaker kitchen floor was painted with a color wash to allow the wood grain to show. (Photo: Gridley + Graves)

The black and cream color scheme for this Tudor kitchen floor was inspired by the movie You’ve Got Mail. (Photo: Ken Lay)

Red and tan linoleum is homey in a bungalow kitchen. (Photo: Curt Beech)

Black and white offsets the mint-green cabinets in a Victorian kitchen rehab. (Photo: William Dohman)

A diagonal checkerboard enlivens the kitchen of the 1907 Evans House in California. (Photo: Douglas Keister)

Douglas Kiester

The checkerboard pattern in this 1930s kitchen was painted directly on the subflooring. (Photo: Jaimee Itagaki)

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