Smooth copper slipper tub

The Norah Copper Clawfoot Tub from Signature Hardware

Goodwin tub

 Goodwin Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub in White

Updating the look of your classic bathroom doesn't have to mean changing the look so much that it loses its charm. With a little planning, you can revamp the room and keep things timeless by focusing on a few key areas.

Ring clawfoot conversion kit in oil rubbed bronze

Clawfoot Tub Conversion Kit in Oil Rubbed Bronze

The focal point of any bathroom is the bathtub. For an authentic, vintage-inspired feel, a clawfoot tub with finely designed feet is the way to go. Traditional ball-and-claw, imperial, and lion paw feet each feature ornate embellishments within their solid brass or copper casting. For a mid-century modern theme, art deco or modern feet have little-to-no detailing for a clean look. What truly stands out in a clawfoot bathtub is its elegantly designed shape and rolled rim. A slipper clawfoot bathtub—which features one raised end for comfortable lounging—is a popular style that is perfect for reclining. For a bold statement, copper clawfoot bathtubs or painted cast iron clawfoot tubs complement an old-fashioned home's charm and help create a truly customized look. Whichever foot style, shape, material, or tub color ends up in your bathroom, its charming allure will fit right in.

Kacy pedestal sink in white

Kacy Pedestal Sink from Signature Hardware

For older homes without a shower already installed, clawfoot tub and shower kits make it easy to outfit a tub with a complete bath and shower combination. A tub and shower kit will include a tub faucet, a shower riser pipe, a shower head, and a shower curtain ring. This practical concept provides the vintage appeal that a walk-in shower does not.

Brushed nickel bathroom faucet

Cane Widespread Bathroom Faucet

If you have a traditional bathroom and want to stay true to the style, a pedestal sink offers vintage appeal and modern functionality. For a streamlined look, consider an art deco-inspired console sink. Rather than resting on a porcelain pedestal, a console sink is supported by two or three brass legs for an open and airy alternative. If brass legs aren’t your cup of tea, opt for porcelain legs for a classic look.

Dual flush elongated corner toilet

Dual-flush corner toilet

Once you replace your sink, get a bathroom sink faucet to match the update. Faucets featuring porcelain accents are commonplace in traditional bathrooms. Hot- and cold-water indicators are usually etched or printed onto the porcelain pieces in an elegant script that celebrates the classic style.

Elongated high tank pull-chain toilet in brushed nickel

High tank pull chain toilet

To finish the update, replace your toilet with an option better suited for today's homes. Toilets are now more efficient, some with dual-flush technology, that allows them to use less water. Corner toilets are a perfect space-saving option, so if you’re short on space, this will be your best bet. As a statement piece, nothing screams "vintage" more than a high-tank toilet. The design features a wooden water closet mounted high above the bowl and an elegant pull chain.

Art Deco console with semi-recessed sink

Art Deco Console Sink from Signature Hardware

For more tips about updating your home, visit Signature Hardware's DIY & Design space.

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