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vintage kitchen

Hiding Modern Amenities in Older Homes

Design considerations for hiding modern amenities and creating credible period homes.

A narrow two-oven model from the new, smaller ‘Companion’ line by Aga Cookers.

How to Choose a Kitchen Stove

So many choices, it’s hard to decide: antique or reproduction, European or modern?

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Corner Cupboards & Spoon Shelves

Ingenious ways and means for storing items in early homes teach us about beauty with utility.

Minimize the impact of a built-in dishwasher by hiding it behind a panel matching the rest of the cabinets.

3 Appliance Options for Old-House Kitchens

Hiding the appliances was standard practice for period-inspired kitchens, but that’s no longer the case. Market innovations allow you to choose among multiple approaches in your design.

In an 1840 house, a drop-leaf tavern table in original red paint sits on a natural-fiber mat.

Rooms 1830-1850

The country vernacular.

Refrigerator drawer in an old-house kitchen

6 Ways to Hide Kitchen Appliances

Modern machines are the anachronism in a period kitchen—here are 6 ideas for disguising them.

A linoleum floor with a confetti pattern and a simple border is a cheerful complement to this 1940s kitchen.

The Best Flooring Choices for Old-House Kitchens

The hardest-working surface in the house deserves good cover.

Another task on the Selenys' kitchen to-do list is to re-chrome their vintage Chambers stove.

Directory of Antique Appliance Restorers

Find someone near you who can restore your vintage stove or refrigerator with this state-by-state directory.


A 1868 Greek Revival Kitchen

Never out of style…that can be said of Windsor chairs or a blue-and-white color scheme—and of this recent kitchen in an 1868 Greek Revival house.

Wood kitchen countertops

Counter Points

The workhorse of kitchens from any era, countertops have come in a wide range of materials over the past 150 years, presenting a wealth of historical options for today.

This 1915 wood-burning Wedgewood stove is still in use at the Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont, California.

Buyer's Guide to Vintage Appliances

One of the best ways to create old-time kitchen ambience is to introduce antique appliances—in particular, a cookstove and a refrigerator.


The Real Thing

It’s helpful to look at the genuine article, rather than taking all your cues from recent revival kitchens.

Tin ceiling panels on fridge

Dress Up a Refrigerator with Tin Ceiling Panels

Embossed “tin ceiling” panels can be used to create a cabinet front, disguising a modern refrigerator.

Soapstone is a time-honored kitchen accompaniment that also holds up to heat, water, and stains. Integrated soapstone sinks have a long history in New England.

The Best Countertop Choices for Old-House Kitchens

From stone to laminate, historic materials work harmoniously in period kitchens.

How to deep clean your stove

How To Deep Clean Your Stove

Follow this heavy-duty cleaning process to make your stove shine like new.

Crown Point Cabinetry designed this kitchen with ample undercounter drawers. The black cabinets are finished in Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

Storage Solutions for Traditional Kitchens

Tips for designing the perfect storage in the kitchen and pantry.

Keven Ritter’s designs emulate the colonial era while offering all the storage needs of today.

Traditional Trades: Period Kitchen Cabinets

In Portland, Oregon, this family dreamt of a new kitchen—then they realized the bones were there all along.

Architect Gil Schafer incorporated a large farmhouse sink, glass cabinets, L-hinges, and a historically inspired lantern in the pantry in this New York new old house.

How To Create a Historically Inspired Pantry

Pantries have always played a role in the functionality of American homes. From food storage in colonial times to the more elaborate Victorian serving pantries, these spaces have outlasted changing architectural styles and remained a desirable, seemingly timeless interior feature.

Board walls, inset cabinets, beadboard accents, and freestanding kitchen furniture are historical details in the old house. Carrara marble countertops and subway-tile backsplash are practical and timeless.

A New Kitchen for a Greek Revival Cottage

A kitchen in the American vernacular suits this restored Minnesota cottage.

Elmira Stove Works Cayenne Red range

The History of Old Stoves

Old stoves help define the look of kitchens in any era.

Laura and John Lazet's salvaged sink is a perfect complement to custom cabinetry—in a range of sizes and depths—that the Lazets modeled on built-ins in the house's original, untouched pantry.

Adventures in Installing a Kitchen Sink

Today's kitchen restorations involve hundreds of decisions. Take for example that prosaic workhorse, the kitchen sink.

The lighting in Chuck and Judy Kohlhaas’ kitchen is all vintage—the 1920s Art Deco fixtures, which Judy found on eBay, were salvaged from an old theater.

Kitchen Lighting: Antique or New?

Narrow down the choices with these tips on what to look for in vintage and reproduction lighting.

Millwork for kitchen

Gingerbread Millwork for Old-House Kitchens

With a bit of decorative millwork, you can transform a cookie-cutter kitchen into something spicy.

Big Chill, maker of retro refrigerators, now offers a full line of mid-century kitchen appliances.

What's New in Kitchen Appliances

Your choices for old-style appliances now go beyond the vintage or reproduction stove and the ’50s fridge to entire suites. Buy to match, or mix retro and new.

Plain and Fancy Cabinetry, located in Pennsylvania, designed this traditionally styled dish pantry. Note the use of beadboard and wood countertops.

Tips on Designing a Pantry

For hundreds of years, pantries have proven themselves protectors of abundance. They are an American design tradition, and their endurance represents our continuity. Inside, well-stocked shelves instill comfort and reassure the well-being of family.

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