Period Bathrooms


Period bathrooms can be a challenging restoration in an old house: Many were built before indoor plumbing, and require just the right fixtures, tile and furnishings. Find tips here on how you can update your period bathroom without sacrificing your historic home's unique style.

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Glasgow School bathroom

Glasgow School in the Bathroom

A tutorial in bracing color and geometric, stylized forms.

Victorian settee with its original green upholstery

Ideas from an Edwardian Bathroom

With gleaming tile and salvaged parts, an Edwardian bath is full of ideas to borrow.

old-house powder room

Well-Decorated Vintage-Style Bathroom

In an old house or one built in a revival style, default to the look of early 20th-century bathrooms with white fixtures.

victorian cottage spa

A Victorian Cottage Spa

How appealing is this vintage Victorian cottage bathroom, all in green and white?

Original Style_Artworks_Art Deco with Brilliant White, Gold & Jet Black ..._gn

1920s-40s Baths

Bungalow-era baths were of the “sanitary white” persuasion. Not so the bathrooms built after the mid-1920s! Bright color and Jazz Age glamour continued through the 1930s. By the mid-40s, white tile was back.

Kohler’s ‘Vintage’ 72" x 42" freestanding cast-iron tub

Arts & Crafts Revival Bath

The master bath was enlarged and re-imagined for an existing Shingle Style house.

bathroom tiled wall

A Bathroom Created from Salvaged Material

A no-style bathroom gets an affordable makeover, courtesy of reclaimed and salvaged materials and good design. No need to gut the room.

victorian bathtub

Designing the Victorian Bath for Today

Designing and outfitting a Victorian bath that looks just right.

Hardwood floors and a soaking tub create a country feel in this seaside bath by John B. Murray.

4 Ideas for Timeless Baths

These spectacular bathroom designs offer utility along with beauty.

old-house bathroom

Hard Working Floors: Best Bets for Bathrooms

There’s a reason why resilient flooring types and ceramic tile are the go-to floorings for utility areas in the home.

Alex  designed and built the storage cabinets on either side of the vanity, right down to pull-out laundry bins.

Designing a Timeless Bath

Two hands-on restorers transform a played-out bath into a bright, beautiful, period-inspired spa retreat.

powder_room sink wall_IMG_0017_gn

Master Bath Re-created

Wood, marble, and nickel evoke the prized bathrooms of the 1890s.

Beadboard wainscoting and simple fixtures define the cottage bath.

9 Ideas for Cottage Baths

Style notes for a room that's comfortable when it's traditional.

Interior walls were removed from the room's previous configuration to open up the space and make it sunnier.

Refreshing a Colonial Revival Bath

Thanks to some lucky finds and a dose of ingenuity, a Colonial Revival bathroom is transformed into a light-filled, period-appropriate retreat.

Crown-Point Cabinetry custom bath vanity

Plain and Simple Country Bath

The Long Island house inspires a country bath.

bright bathroom

How to Design a Small Bathroom

Wondering how to design a small bathroom? We offer different design ideas for the tightest of corners.


Unique Baths for Old Houses

Those very retro, white-tile baths are attractive, but may not suit every old house.

Marmoleum kitchen

Budget Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Before you start demolishing the room, have a master plan—and decide where you will save or splurge.

barbershop bathroom

Barbershop Bathroom

A bathroom gets a new do.

DIY wood floor

A DIY Floor in Wood Paint

Although there was some labor involved, this solution to a problem floor was inexpensive and remarkably effective.

1 blue_384_gn

Baths Tried and True

Designing a bathroom for a house that didn’t have one when it was built? Here are two approaches.

small bathroom design

Jewel-box Bath

Moody blue walls paired with oak wainscoting make for a Victorian room.

bungalow bath

A Bungalow Era Bath is Timeless

The typical bungalow-era bathroom is a simple space given to sanitary white surfaces and little ornament. Still, utilitarian can be handsome.

A hex-tile floor, swinging door set into marble walls, and wood wainscot in the sink and toilet area all are based on 19th century models.

Reproduction Victorian Bathrooms

In this meticulously restored Victorian house, wood, marble, and nickel evoke the prized bathrooms of the 1890s.

Heritage Tile mosaic

Tile Repair & Removal Tips

Expert advice on caring for original bathroom tile.

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