Old-House Kitchens


Find expert tips for fixing up old kitchens, including ideas for sinks, countertops, flooring and other decor ideas in  a wide variety of styles.

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no upper cabinets

New England Farmhouse Kitchen

Filled with personality, this New England farmhouse kitchen is well planned—and has patina.

cutaway swinging doors

Vintage-style Kitchen

Beadboard remnants, a found sink, and a nostalgic photo lead to a vintage-style kitchen for a house in Everett, Washington.

restored Victorian kitchen

A Period-Perfect Victorian Kitchen

A wonderful Victorian kitchen and pantries fit this 1861 house.

Pierre Frey wallpaper

Revival Kitchen in Seattle

Strong color unifies a revival kitchen in a 1910 Seattle house.

period style kitchen

Revival Kitchen in a Queen Anne

With the look of a butler’s pantry full of built-ins, it’s family-friendly.

vintage kitchen

Hiding Modern Amenities in Older Homes

Design considerations for hiding modern amenities and creating credible period homes.

Tudor kitchen, vintage sink

Vintage Sinks

If you’re lucky enough to have a vintage sink in your kitchen, it’s probably one of the things you treasure most about the house.

vintage philco fridge

Happy Kitchen for a 1940s Postwar Home

Most homebuyers would tear out a 1940s postwar kitchen; this owner went in the opposite direction.

Kennebec Company cabinets

Buying Kitchen Cabinets

The specs are confusing, quality and pricing all over the map. Here’s a stab at untangling the choices.

built-in hutch

Old-house Kitchen Shelving

Ideas from every era for old-house kitchen shelving.

Craftsman colorful 1906 kitchen

Mediterranean Craftsman Color

Mediterranean color meets Craftsman design in a joyfully restored house in Portland, Oregon.

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Cozy Kitchens

Despite remodelings and our expectation of modern function, the old-house kitchen is a favorite space, often exuding atmosphere.

Believe it or not, this is a new vacation home in Kentucky. Construction was with modern materials to meet all codes, but reclaimed materials are used to convey history.

8 Ways to Design a Kitchen for an Early House

These examples show it’s possible to combine old and new to create a traditional yet comfortable kitchen.

Mediterranean kitchen island

Mid-Atlantic Mediterranean Kitchen

Barnes Vanze Architects designs a real cook's kitchen for a Mid-Atlantic Mediterranean.

1920s kitchen

1920s Kitchen Done Right

A keen regard for period details by a Seattle homeowner resulted in this kitchen design.

19th-century farmhouse kitchen

White Kitchens for Vintage Homes

From cabinets and flooring to tile, lighting, and hardware, it’s the details that usher a white kitchen into the right decade. Keep in mind that white hasn’t always meant bright white, either.

English Arts & Crafts kitchen

An English Arts & Crafts Kitchen

Remaking the kitchen in a 1912 English Arts & Crafts house.


Hard Working Floors: Best Bets for Kitchens

There’s a reason why resilient flooring types and ceramic tile are the go-to floorings for utility areas in the home.

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Corner Cupboards & Spoon Shelves

Ingenious ways and means for storing items in early homes teach us about beauty with utility.

The room mixes painted and unpainted wood for an evolved feel that looks more like furniture than a modern kitchen. The beams were salvaged.

Designing a Country Kitchen for an 18th-Century House

Inside an addition to an old house in Pennsylvania, this new but timeless kitchen is a simple room with all of its details well-considered.


Architectural Salvage in the Kitchen

Incorporating repurposed elements kept a modern room warm and in sync with the 1905 house.

(Photo credit: Blackstoneedge.com)

Keeping The Kitchen Clean

A light dusting won't cut it in this most hardworking of rooms.

The kitchen is nicely zoned with spaces for storage, preparation, and cleanup. New cabinets have a painted finish.

Apothecary Styled Kitchen Renovation

An old cabinet with great style and a zillion drawers, beadboard, a separate pantry: there’s lots to love about this space.

Warm climates lend themselves more readily to the concept of the outdoor kitchen. However, ventilation is still key when planning an alfresco space.

Traditional Outdoor Kitchens

Dos and don’ts of designing an outdoor kitchen.

Arts & Crafts stenciled windows

Revival Kitchen of the Bungalow Era

Owners of this 1913 house turned back the clock on some intrusive remodelings.

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