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Kitchens & Baths

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Colonial Kitchen Motifs

The 20th-century architect Royal Barry Wills was intrigued by the scale and details of early New England houses. Those he designed were not replicas, however; they had to accommodate indoor plumbing, closets, central heat, and an electric kitchen. Some of his commissions emphasize Colonial-era authenticity while others are a lightened, Colonial Revival interpretation. The same is true of the diverse yet period-inspired kitchens shown on these pages.

A New Kitchen with a Preservation Ethic

Before 1994, when she fell in love with and bought this house, Sarah Blank hadn’t heard of Royal Barry Wills. Then she learned that the Cape, built in 1957, in New Canaan, Connecticut, was typical of the work of the famous Colonial Revival architect who was a prolific designer as well as America’s best-selling architectural writer.

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