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Because of Climate Seal’s solid reputation, Climate Seal storm windows have been installed in some of America’s most historic landmarks, museums, schools, residential and industrial applications. The Climate Seal storm window insert system offers performance, ease of use, and aesthetic invisibility.

The Climate Seal™ Retrofit Window System was created to address many problems in one single product; some of which include helping reduce heating costs, eliminating bone-chilling drafts, irritating noises & harmful ultra-violet rays.

The Climate Seal™ window insert, more commonly known as an “interior storm window,” is a magnetically applied insulating retrofit system. It is virtually invisible once applied and is easily removed or opened for cleaning or storage. A metal strip is adhered or fastened to the perimeter of your window opening and actual placement of the system is up to you. Be wary of imitation products though. They are abundant, but none have the proven performance and reliability of the Climate Seal™ window insert and our custom design options further separate us from the competition. There simply is no comparison! Windows, doors, skylights and dormant fireplaces are just a few examples of the many applications perfect for the Climate Seal™ window insert system. All of the problematic conditions described above have been addressed in our Climate Seal™ ‘Series’ family of products that include: Thermal, Acoustic, Preservation and Pro.

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, interior designer or home improvement contractor, there is an ideal Climate Seal™ series system for you or your client.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself. With home and building heating/cooling costs so high, what is the payback? What if my windows are out-of-square or I have custom shapes and sizes? How will the Climate Seal™ look once installed? What are the advantages of retrofit over replacement? The Climate Seal™ website will address all of these questions and more. We will educate and hopefully motivate you to solve the various problems affecting us every day. So, let’s get started. Those problematic windows aren’t fixing themselves!

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