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Historically appropriate furnishings for colonial and associated revival styles. Air vents, fireplace tools, applied ornament, doorbells and buttons, hardware, doorknocker, firebacks, house numbers, rugs, bronze plaques, picture frames, stencils and much more.


Staying true to the original style of a vintage home pays dividends in terms of homeowner enjoyment. Colonial Revival styles can be particularly challenging when it comes to locating proper décor.

The Colonial Homes Connection is a significant resource for exterior elements such as lights, house numbers, doorknobs,bronze plaques, and lampposts. Architectural items for setting the interior tone include light switch plates, stencils,rectified porcelain floor tiles, braided rugs, and gilded, silver, or wood grained oval and round picture frames.

One of the most important features of traditional Colonial homes was carved wooden ornament. When original woodcarvings are replicated in resin, they can be easily and cost-effectively applied. The maintenance when used for exterior locations is greatly improved over the original woodcarvings. Be sure to check out the extremely extensive collections of moldings, capitals, columns, medallions, corbels, rosettes, ornaments, and crown moldings.

Whether Federal, Georgian, Greek Revival or one of the many other revival periods, The Colonial Homes Connection website makes for a fun and leisurely browse.

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